Run, Stock, Run

Journey to the land of flight masters – Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

The frozen controls, the macro vision, birth of the breathless fire, the golden shower, journey to the land of flight masters, overworked friction generator, sun-baked hot leather saddle, sweat drenched homosapien, roar of the mighty inorganic powerhorse, and a (yet another) card holding the proof of Life. Boredspiration: With loads of boredstorming and boredspiration over a […]

The Free-Tan Trip to Yelagiri

Places covered: Yelagiri, Swamimaalai Hill Trek Total distance: ~400 kms Number of days: 1 About: Yelagiri is a small hill station in Tamil Nadu. Located at an altitude of 1,410 m above Sea Level. Just ~160 km from Bangalore. The uphill ride consists of 14 hair-pin bends, each named after a poet. Possible trek routes: 1. Mangalam to Swamimaalai Hill 2. […]