Camping @Horaginabetta

A yet another camping under the Sky – Horaginabetta

“Been there, done that”, now why again? I get asked almost every time these days when I plan a trip.

Lately, now again has been a mandatory suffix to what I do.

Anyway, getting back to the regular mundane write-up.

On a yet another boring Saturday, we were up for some crazy investment advice; financially from Swapnil’s dad and feel-o-sophically from me.

Our initial plan was to head out and explore someplace new in the dark, but then, people ended up escalating the financial lecture over the feel-o-sophical one. With a delayed start we moved-out of the cabin, dodging through the crazy Bangalore traffic and those friendly potholes we reached the base of Horaginabetta/ Nandi One (next to Nandi Hills).

It was almost 2200 hrs when we reached the destination (well at least that’s what everyone else thought), only to let Ashok off-road on his beloved hatchback for a couple of clicks.

Took us an hour to reach the campsite. Gathered wood, pitched camp and with the music on and campfire roaring high the party started.

It was a cold and seriously windy night. With the fog moving in, I skipped the plan for shooting star trail.

Woke up at 0600 hrs, with a meter visibility the tent next door was hardly visible. Luckily the campfire was still hot and I was able to get it running without any trouble.

Camping @Horaginabetta covered in fog

Camping @Horaginabetta covered in fog

The visibility improved after a while and with everyone awake we kept the water for boiling for a round of green tea. We decided to pack-up the gears and hide it somewhere and head up to finish off the remaining trek.

Campfire @Horaginabetta

Campfire @Horaginabetta

Sitting by the campfire @Horaginabetta

View of Nandi hills from Horaginabetta

Soon the fog cleared and it started to become very hot, we picked up the gears and headed home.

Camping without a star trail felt incomplete to me but then low visibility was altogether a different experience.

Horaginabetta offers an amazing backdrop for star trail, coupled with an easy access and short trek. Will definitely plan another visit on a no moon day just to capture an amazing star trail here. Will probably even carry a telescope to have some fun.

Reaching Horaginabetta:

Follow the same route as Nandi Hills, at the T-Junction/ Karahalli Cross go straight along the off-road section (left at the junction goes to Nandi Hills). Follow the trail on Google maps or use this KMZ track.

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