Cold Barbecue Night @Nijagalbetta

Running short of night trek options we decided to revisit Nijagalbetta, although this time for a night trek. Adding to the complexity of the situation, we decided to barbecue starters at the top.

Imagine carrying a loaded 30ltr ice-box and barbeque all the way to the top, although the load was shared it still adds-up at the end.

After a short off-roading session we reached the base by 1730 hrs and with the stuff distributed we moved up. Took us some 90 odd minutes to reach the campsite after some steep climbing, rolling, bouldering and crawling.

With the work distributed, dry wood was stocked, campfire built, tents pitched, music running and barbeque fueled up in no time.

Setting up the Barbecue

Barbecue loaded up with Chicken


View of the Campsite @Nijagalbetta

Tents pitched @Nijagalbetta

We carried all those heavy tents just to end up sleeping under the open sky tucked into sleeping bags.

View of Nijagalbetta Peak at night

View of Nijagalbetta Peak at night

Kashmiri Kanwal

View of the Nijagalbetta Peak/ Temple/ Fort

At the end of the day Nijgalbetta again proved to be the perfect campsite for a to barbeque. Short and easy trek, offers a flat grassy campsite for a perfect sleep and truly windy.

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