Night Sky @Karadibetta Peak

Experiencing Insomania @Maribetta Peak

A stroll through the woods might not sound much to someone not out of their mind, but to us it was a different story altogether.

It was just another regular day, with the sun almost down; we were walking through an uncharted territory or better to say a dense forest.

Well lost in the Bananthimari forest reserve, we were on the clock; not tied to an hour hand but to the sun trying to take a dip. No trail, no destination in mind, short of time we started sprinting through the prehistoric jungle in search for an isolated high ground. Luckily by 1730 hrs we were able to spot out one in distance with slippery terrain, razor sharp long grass and rocky steps between us.

After some 30 minutes and couple of bruises we were at the spot, swiftly moved to pitching the tent and setting up the campfire.

Maribetta, also known as Bananthimari Betta/ B M Betta/ Karadibetta, is located some 10 clicks away from Kanakapura. The trail starts from “Sri Bananthimari¬† Temple”. Of-course reaching the Temple is something else; a not so long and narrow dusty road with cracks, bumps, mini¬†gorges and rocks are absolutely sufficient to turn an unassuming joyride to hell. An absolute joyride for offroaders, navigating to the top is packed with nerve-racking, bone-breaking, adrenaline-spikes, and finally the end result of extreme happiness.

Darkness and cold started setting in, clouds started moving over the star lit sky, blood-red moon staring at us, with the campfire and music on we were busy staring at the night sky lying on the rocky bed. While the Camera was busy time lapsing the night sky, we were having an awesome time munching through salads and barbecued pineapple. We had stocked enough dry wood to keep the campfire fed for the next 4 hours.

Time slowed down when we decided to call it a day, tent was resting on an uneven inclined terrain, the whole night we kept slipping to one end. Unable to sleep I decided to spend some more time outside capturing the night sky. Left the Camera 1 outside the tent whole night to shoot time lapse for the next 6 hours, unfortunately the settings got changed somehow while setting up and I ended up with some 800 pitch black shots.

Parking before the Maribetta Trek

Red Moon

Tents and Campfire @Bananthimari Peak

Sitting around the campfire @Maribetta Peak

Dancing around the campfire @Bananthi Mari Betta Peak

Night Sky @Karadibetta Peak


View from tent @Bananthimari Peak

Unpacking Tents @Bananthimari Peak

Walk on the top

Walk through the Bananthimari forest

Walk through the jungle1 Termites

Walk through the jungle2

Bananthimari Trek Trail




Go Karting on Mysore Road

Go Karting on Mysore Road

The day ended with a long ride in search of Dabbagauli, followed by half a dozen rounds of burning rubber @Grips Gokarting, on Mysore Road.

Maribbeta probably provided the best trek and camping experience till date, a perfect balance of difficulty, adventure and scary enough to hope for an another attempt soon.

Until then, ride safe and trek safe.

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